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day 20 (3 of 3): push

to add to my four-day-behind post! if you look closely, you’ll see a red Chinese lantern and St John Baptist de la Salle in the background.

word location: new glass door in the process of being installed in our office (Singapore)

day 20 (2 of 3): notice

this was taken yesterday (a Thursday) on my way to the canteen for lunch. i “noticed” it because it was so three-dimensional. notice – both a verb and a noun. this week was all about notice: announcements and making announcements, calling attention and paying attention, noticing and giving notice. noting. note.

word location: notice board at my Elementary School (Singapore)

day 20 (1 of 3): MacKenzie

MacKenzie Road, off Selegie Road, boasts oldskool destinations such as the famous MacKenzie chicken rice at Hawa (their chendol is apparently legendary too) and the newly-refurbished Rex Cinema. i’m in this area every week for a milonga i started organising and hosting late last year.

word location: Mackenzie Road sign, corner of Bukit Timah Road outside Alfa Centre (Singapore)

day 16: pick-up

today was all about pick-up points – at work, in life, in relationships; even picking up the BFF after his 2 months away in London. reflecting on and making decisions about where i’ve been, where i’m at, and where i need to pick up from to move on. i guess that’s what new years do to you – and in Singapore, we get to reflect on past and new resolutions twice with both the Roman and Chinese Lunar calendar years.

word location: Changi Airport – Terminal 3 (Singapore)

day 15: above

my toes on a pedestrian bridge 70m above sea level. that’s a peek into the trees under the bridge through the gap.

word location: Henderson Waves (Singapore)

day 14: work

had a nice little reunion dinner at my place with my old work mates last night – in fact, they’re still here Googling for the name of a dishrack with a chicken logo on it. hahaha… will be fun to read this post a year from now and recall all the hilarious conversations we had! this group of guys is one of the best teams i ever worked with – really, The Dream Team.

word location: Zen’s t-shirt (Singapore)

day 13: hawaii

not the greatest of shots as i took it off a moving taxi, but this is definitely my word/shot for the day! what a strange place to find a “hawaii” sign (concrete and two of them, too!) in the midst of a wholesale flower & plant market… or maybe not. this time last year i was preparing for a trip to Hawaii with my sister – the first of my travel adventures in 2011. we spent a few days in Honolulu and a week in Kaua’i, considered to be a garden island for its lush greenery. we said we would go back – maybe it’s a “sign”?

word location: Thomson Road (Singapore)

day 12: beginning

i know there’s a whole bunch of words in this shot, but the word that stands out for me is “beginning”. everything is about new starts this year – and new ends.

word location: party flyer on my bookshelf (Singapore)

day 11: danger in four languages

i’m four days behind on this project and what do i come across? four words! right at my door(lift)step! so i’m taking the editorial license to fast forward my count to day 11. i’ve always wanted to photograph this stairway and door. it’s what i see every morning when my lift doors open and i step out into the day. danger in four languages – English, Mandarin, Tamil, Bahasa Melayu.

word location: switch room door sign, lift lobby of my apartment (Singapore)

day 7: coffee

afternoon cup of Vietnamese drip coffee after lunch with my sister and her friends

word location: saucer at Soup.Broth. Asia, Raffles City Shopping Centre (Singapore)