My CES 2011

This year marked the first time I’ve ever attended CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. CES is a major technology related show held every January that showcases the latest and greatest technology and gadgetry devices coming to the market. While not open to the general public, I was able to attend as an industry affiliate.

CES Fun Facts:

  1. The International CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.
  2. A person walking the carpeted aisles of the CES show floor would walk almost 15 miles – and burn up to1,500 calories!
  3. Exhibit space at CES covers 1.861 million net square feet of space – equivalent to more than 35 football fields.
  4. 153,000 attendees, including 34,000 international
  5. 3,100 exhibitors across 1.861 million square feet
  6. More than 20,000 new products introduced

The following images were taken with a combination of my Canon 7D, Canon S95, and iPhone 4s. Credit has been given to the respective sites where some of the images were linked from.

The show was simply awesome! CES is a sensory overload experience specially at the big electronic booths like Panasonic and Samsung. I also visited the Nikon and Canon booths. unfortunately, there were far more people at the Canon area which prevented me from testing out their new camera, the 1Dx. I did get my hands on Nikon’s new camera, the D4, and it was quite impressive I might say.

Panasonic’s video wall display was one of the more memorable displays at the show. The smaller displays measure 50″ diagonally while the rest measure 100″ and 153″ respectively. It was truly stunning!

Image courtesy of ePhotozine

Canon’s newest point and shoot camera (if you can even call it that) was stunning!  The 14-megapixel PowerShot G1 X, $800, comes with a 4x zoom, top sensitivity setting of ISO 12800, HDR setting, high-speed burst mode (without minimizing full resolution), RAW capability, 3-inch swiveling display and a hot shoe, for attaching an external flash.

My friend asked me why would I think of buying this type of camera if I could easily spend the money on a lens for my dSLR. My answer? It’s all about portability knowing the camera I have in my bag is comparable to my dSLR.

I “WANT” this as part of my gear. Okay… maybe just a couple of these beauties then :)

This “perch’ was quite fun. Canon displayed their notable lenses for all to try. These guys were testing out the range as Kellie Pickler  performed at the Sony booth just across the hall.

Image courtesy of ePhotozine

My friend and I found this rather interesting. Most of the camera companies provided “models” that did nothing but walk around on stage, posing, smiling, as if wanting the general public to take photos of them. I did.

This was an impressive 3D wall display from LG.

Steve is rolling in his grave. I actually walked through the Microsoft exhibit. Kidding aside, Microsoft has some promising products coming out – Windows 8 for one. From the product demo they did on stage, it seems like it’ll be a lot better than Windows 7.

This was Kodak’s last hurrah. If you haven’t heard, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today (January 19th).

I couldn’t resist but try this Sigma lens out. At $32,000, this 200-500mm f2,8 lens was one of the show stoppers!

Audi’s “Urban” concept car at the showroom drew lots of attention. How could it not? Look at this little guy? It reminds me of a roadster on steroids.

While the latest Audi concept car, dubbed the Urban Concept, won’t be barreling down the Autobahn at breakneck speeds, the tiny two-seat car made of carbon fiber and featuring an exposed suspension certainly looks the part.

And finally, Ford unveils one of its concept cars – the Ford EVOS.

Seamless connectivity between the vehicle and the driver’s “‟ of information, from home to office to car.That information includes the driver’s work schedule, local traffic or weather conditions and other pertinent information to a trip. The car can therefore detect and “know” the driver and automatically adapt handling, steering, suspension and powertrain systems to the person’s habits or to the immediate road ahead.It can monitor the physical state and workload of the driver and adjust the driving experience accordingly.

If you’ve never been to CES, I highly suggest attending if you could find someone who could take you as your “guest”. It’s a blast!

Thank you Las Vegas! Thank you very much!