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Deciding on a lens just got easier

Today marked a special day for most photographers. LensHero was born. The site was mainly launched to address a way for photographers to research which lenses fit their needs. The interface is very intuitive and maneuvering around the site seems fairly easy to do. It’s interesting to note that I heard about LensHero back in October when I happen to receive a tweet from about a new website gearing up. My wife is a graphic designer and she’s a contributing designer at You can see the evolution of the LensHero logo here. It’s pretty cool!

We’re a small tech startup, launching a new site targeted at camera geeks and photographers, and anyone researching a new lens for their camera. will make it easy to understand what the best lens for you is, based on what camera you already have, and what type of pictures you want to take (portraits, architecture, travel, nature, etc).

What peeked my interest about LensHero is the fact that they had detailed information about the lenses I was interested in such as the price (of course), it’s features and other technical aspects of the lens. As I mentioned, it’s fairly easy to use their site. I entered my camera (Canon 7D) and I asked the interface to suggest a Portrait lens for me. Within seconds, I had a few recommendations to browse through. I chose the 85mm f1.8. Here are the results of the search. The information presented to me after my search is incredible proving that this method of search works really well. I highly recommend anyone to stop by and try out LensHero.


You also have the ability to explore lenses by manufacturer, type, mount, or by camera. Overall, I would say that it was a pleasant experience browsing around the site. The UI is easy to navigate and the research behind the making of the site is exceptional. I would totally give it “two thumbs up”!

LensHero is a site dedicated to digital camera lenses. Our goal is to cover all of the lenses you might want, for both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. LensHero makes it easy to find lenses for your camera, and to figure out what lenses are out there and which one is right for you.

  • December 19, 2010 - 9:49 pm

    Jason jones - Hi there! I found your site on today and really liked it. I bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more laterReplyCancel

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