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bioPINHi there! We’re Rikki and Melissa, a photographer and graphic designer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

A little about me:

I love collecting vintage cameras. The oldest I own is from 1914. I’m a huge San Jose Sharks fan. My favorite kind of photography is portraiture. When traveling, I love to tell stories through the faces of the people I see and meet. I got my fifteen minutes of fame twice: two of my photos were chosen as Picture of the Day and featured on the Kodak jumbotron in New York’s Times Square.

A couple quirky things about me: I hate pickles but will eat relish; I love avocado but hate guacamole.

A little about her:

She started out as a writer at a very young age, and published a story in the school paper titled, “The Lonely Gnome”. Now, she works as a graphic designer, most recently creating all the stationery for our wedding. She’s still telling stories, just visually. She’s an even bigger Sharks fan.

She also has her own blog with a focus on fashion and personal style.

I started getting into photography in 2002 as a creative outlet apart from my day job at an architecture firm. Three years later, I was hired to shoot my first wedding. Things started to happen very quickly after that. I started getting requests from friends to take their family photos, which then led to everything from newborn photos to engagement shoots and weddings. In 2007, Melissa and I met and she agreed to help me rebrand my business. She overhauled everything from the logo to the look of my website. It was a great first step in refreshing the look and new direction I wanted to take in my photography. While Melissa focused on her graphic design, she accompanied and assisted me during my sessions and started developing her own keen eye for photography. In 2009, we got married. It’s an official partnership now – the photographer and the graphic designer.

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