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Over the weekend, we witnessed an amazing tribute to a wonderful woman who turned 90 years young. Aunt Minnie or Noni to most was given a surprise birthday party by her friends and family at a nice family restaurant in San Jose, CA. And guess what? The Snapbox was there to join in the fun. Toni reached out a few months ago as she remember us from another event – Scott and Candy’s wedding back in June of 2016. After a a short exchange of emails, that was it. We were invited to be at Noni’s birthday celebration. We even created some special custom props just for Noni’s birthday. Check out some of the amazing shots captured by the Snapbox as grandkids and great grandkids alike enjoyed their time at the booth. What was the best part? That’s easy. The best part of the day was when Noni and Papa came and enjoyed the booth themselves. That short little stint definitely brought the house down. Thanks to everyone who were present and thanks to Toni and family for allowing us to join in the fun of that day.

(Novanta is ninety in Italian and you guessed it, so is Noni)



Happy birthday Noni! Wanna see the galleries? Check them out here!

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