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Gensler Children’s Christmas Party 2013

“There is a place. Like no other place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and nonsense!  Some say to survive it, you have to be as Mad as a Hatter”.

What an idea! A crazy, mad, wonderful idea!

Alice, the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter comes to Gensler for its much awaited Children’s Christmas Party. This year, the party played host to 175 kids along with their parents. From workshops to games to sitting on Santa’s lap to get their presents, a good time was had by everyone. As in years past, the party did not disappoint.

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You might notice that the backdrop has been the same since I started photographing the kids in 2007. I had thought of changing it a few years back but I received a very cool email from one of the parents. They asked if I could keep the same backdrop every year because they would be able to have all of the photos printed and hung on their wall with the same background but with the kids growing each and every year. How awesome is that?

More photos can be found by following me down the rabbit hole.




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